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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to write a good blog post Blogging Day 7

Blogging day 7

Anatomy of a blog post - How to Write a Good Blog post

What makes a good blog post?

Use this Blog format for the best results

Create a Compelling Title

Use this tool if you want....

Body : Value based content with an interesting picture

Call to Action - Question, buy button, or banner

Optional but beneficial - Testimonial or show screen shots of your personal results
Testimonials help people believe in you and what you are selling.

One of the things they teach in Empower Network is to create a result, leverage that result to create bigger results, then scale up... lather rinse repeat.

Start with someone else's results then share your own.



Contact info

PS line

This is the best format to use to write a good blog post if you want to be a profitable blogger.