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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Screw 'Cyber Monday'! Let's Make Some Money!

Hey Guys Samantha here, I'm SURE you know what Cyber Monday is... Everyone has the mentality to Spend, Spend, Spend... and then wake up with Buyer's regret in the morning.. But What If you can learn a way where you can spend more without waking up to a nightmare? What if... in the next 30 days you could realistically make an extra 500-1000 dollars per month? Well if you're interested, Read this message from my good Friend, and Co-Founder of Empower Network... FW: From David Sharpe While everyone is out worrying about how much money they can spend today because it's Cyber Monday..... Or upset about how much they Spent on 'Black Friday I'd Like To Help You Learn How To Get Some Money -- If That's Ok With You? Here's the deal: What if you could make up for all the lost chances and lost money you could have made in 2012..... the next 30 days? What if all the goals you didn't accomplish and all the opportunity you didn't seize.... .....vanished in an instant? And what if the only de

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Complete instructions for adding a picture to your wordpress or Empower Network blog posts. adding a picture to your blog, formatting the picture, aligning it on the page, adding space between the picture and text, linking the picture to another page. Also, marketing tip of the day, and Daily Action Assignments

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