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Monday, April 22, 2013

[5 min reminder] Join me live at 9pm EST

I was balling my eyes out on the way home today! The Empower Network event in Chicago over the weekendwas like nothing I had ever experienced before.I have been to previous EN events,but this one was extra powerful for me.Listen in tonight as we discuss some of the break throughs people had. I was so moved by this event that I found myself crying my eyes out on my way home. I'll tell you more of that story later this week...for now, tune in here at 9pm209-255-1040Meet you there!Samantha

Member Update Re: Broke Mom & Starbucks Barista now making 6-figures

Last summer, when I met Niamh [pronounced Neve], she had only made a couple hundred dollars with Empower Network. Then, she attended a LIVE Event, and her vision for what was possible... ... expanded by 10x's! Over the following 90 days, she went on to make 8K. (see below for a link to her video) This past weekend, over 5,000 of us were in Chicago, at Empower Network's 'Get Money' 2013 Event. It was another EPIC Event, where thousands stood up on Friday night for the Commission Countdown. In most MLM companies, and there are thousands of them, 98% of people make little to no money. At our Event in Chicago, 95% of people stood up when we counted backwards from $1,000,000, down to $25, indicating that they had made at least ONE single 100% Commission sale. We even asked everyone who made at least $5K to come up on stage. They all started when they clicked here

Warriors David Lee Injury Will Have Him Out for the Season

The Golden State Warriors David Lee will have to be sidelined for the rest of the playoffs. He was fouled during game 1 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs and tore his hip flexor muscle.

So many people feed their brain junk!

Like TV…food for the brain News… Politics… Etc… Well I believe you should be feeding your brain with things that will better your life! Not bring you down!