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Thursday, May 2, 2013

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My friend Tony says... "Your BEST thinking got you right where youare, right now, in life. Your best thinking gotyou there." I couldn't agree more. And I say that 99% of your skill set comes fromyour mind set." And this is why most people struggle. Personally, professionally, and financially. Their minds are poisoned. With crap. Because they sit around and listen to other people chirp about how bad their life sucks. They are addicted to the drama and chaos reportedall day, every day, in thenews. They are constantly exposedto other people's pain. They watch videos aboutterror, war, arson, theft, rapeand how bad the economy is. CNN = Constant Negative News It's pretty sickening if youthink about it. Most of the World is ladenwith fear, because they are listening to those who havea vested interest in keeping them stuck. Now - if this is you... Tired of the grind. Tired of working hard forthe "man", or "woman". Sick of the "System" mostpeople subscri

Facebook Marketing Tips How To Explode Your Business On Facebook

Facebook is by far the most visited social media site and inspite of what you might be thinking, no not everybody has a Facebook yet that is why the company still keep growing the number of people opening new profiles daily… Now How can you take advantage of this humongous platform that gives you most of the people in the world at the tips of your keyboard…

Do You Listen To Leaders ~ Cause Readers are Leaders

Do you listen to your leaders? They say that “readers are leaders.” So if readers are leaders do you listen to the books that your leaders have told you to read?

Emmitt Tills Family Receives Apology From Rapper Lil Wayne

Emmitt Tills family was successful in receiving an apology from rapper Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne made a reference in his lyrics to Emmitt Tills murder and Emmitt Tills Family took offense to it. Emmitt Tills was a person who’s unfortunate case, help the civil rights movement. Lil Wayne was silent for some time

How I’m Learning To Live Life By Design

In an recent blog post by one of my mentors, Todd Dowell, he spoke of the freedom and liberty that working from home and particulary, working with Empower Network, provides….. We all dream to live a better life, and when those dreams don’t become realities, they turn into recurring horror movies in our heads….

Have you ever been inspired by a movie, only to loose your motivation the next day?

Last night I watched the movie "The Big Year" It was very inspiring because the characters in the movie were highly motivated to follow their passion and reach a goal.Have you ever been inspired to get off your but and start working on your dreams because of a motivational movie.. But somehow, that motivation faded and you couldn't sustain the feeling. How many times has that happened to you? I can't tell you how many times I was inspired by a movie like this but then I couldn't keep the feeling up long enough to accomplish anything. But then I discovered a better way and I'm now keeping my motivation strong and helping others do the same...Click to see what I'm talking about....See you over there! Samantha Studebaker-Carl P.S. Click here to learn the Chicago Secrets of the FREEDOM lifestyle

Have you ever been inspired by a movie, only to loose your motivation the next day?

I watched the movie "The Big Year" last night.It was very inspiring because the characters in the movie were highly motivated to follow their passion and reach a goal.

Have you ever_been_inspired_by_a_movie_only_to_loose_your_motivation_the_next_day

I watched the movie “The Big Year” last night. It was very inspiring because the characters in the movie were highly motivated to follow their passion and reach a goal.

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