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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Join us live today at 3:15pm Est Something BIG is coming...

Last night Empower Network just announced something that is going to CHANGE THE GAME For the entire home business industry as well as foranyone smart enough to get in front of the Buying Frenzy that will happen when this thing launches 60 days from now!Join us LIVE at 315pm eastern today to hear about what's going to take place over the next 60 days and howyou can position yourself to be part of making History!Click Here I'll see you over there!Samantha Studebaker-Carl

Something BIG is Coming! Join us LIVE at 3:15 to hear about the HUGE announcement Last Night!


Justin Verrengia on stage with 6,000 people chanting "Freedom"

(NEW VIDEO) 6,000 People chanting 'Freedom'

======================NOTE - any incomes describedin this message are not typical. Please click this link to see ouraverage earnings.====================== Hey there my friend!Samantha here, with some big announcements!be sure and enable images... Yesterday Justin Verrengia spoke life into people on stage...And had the entire crowd of over6,000 people chanting "FREEDOM" You gotta see this 24 second video clip I just put on my blog to believe it <-- I've been kind of quiet forthe past several days, as we are LIVE at Empower Network's 5th LIVE Event in Denver Colorado with 6,000 other Empower Members! The Event has been likeNOTHING the Industry has ever seen. And what wad announced...... will BLOW the Doors offof everything we've already done so far!!! The best time to join is now <--- Here's what the Denver iJournal wrote about Empower Networkbeing in Denver this weekend. Watch this NEW Video orJust Get In Here to join THE #1 Online Marketing Communityin the World. Sure enough, with th