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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Whats the purpose of life? - The Art of Happniess

Whats the purpose of life?

According to the Dalai Lama in the book THE ART OF HAPPINESS He says the purpose of life is to become happy.

If that's so, then doesn't it stand to reason that what makes you most happy is what you should be doing in your life?

Why are so many people suffering?

I think it's because most people are so worried about what someone else is going to think, they hold themselves back from truly pursuing what would really make them happy.

What if you stopped worrying about what everyone else thinks?

What if your whole purpose in life is to experience the things you are drawn to?

What if that is what we all should be doing and that is perfectly OK?

whats the purpose of life What's the purpose of life?  

To live. To feel. To express. To experience.
To be. To love. To hate. To connect....

We are all the same. We are made of the same thing as the plants, animals, trees, and the earth.

Every living thing automatically pursues it's true purpose of striving to express it's entire potential.

The only difference, in my opinion between humans and all other living beings is that humans can choose to live their life working toward expressing their entire potential or they can hold themselves back and do nothing.

We have a natural tendency to want to become more, do more, experience more.

But most people are so worried about what others will think, that they don't truly go after what they want and are therefore unfulfilled, unhappy, frustrated, or depressed.

Whats the purpose of life?

Become what you want, attain what you desire, experience everything you are capable of. You are the only one keeping you from truly experiencing your true purpose in life.

What do you think? Is the purpose of life literally just to experience all life has to offer? Comment below...

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