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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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My friend Tony says... "Your BEST thinkinggot you right where you are, right now, in life. Your best thinking gotyou there." I couldn't agree more. And I say that 99% of your skill set comes fromyour mind set." And this is why most people struggle. Personally, professionally, and financially. Their minds are poisoned. With crap. Because they sit around and listen to other people chirp about how bad their life sucks. They are addicted to the drama and chaos reportedall day, every day, in thenews. They are constantly exposedto other people's pain. They watch videos aboutterror, war, arson, theft, rapeand how bad the economy is. CNN = Constant Negative News It's pretty sickening if youthink about it. Most of the World is ladenwith fear, because they are listening to those who havea vested interest in keeping them stuck. Now - if this is you... Tired of the grind. Tired of working hard forthe "man", or "woman". Sick of the "System" mostpeople subscribe to. Working hard enough not to get f

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