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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

this is how I get Leads and why others don't... [1 min read]

"Until You Have a MECHANISMThat Can Convert Lurkers... Love it when a "mechanism" designed to send you leads actually works... ...guy emails and hunts me down out of the blue... and wondered what cool system I used that let him find me... J. Schroeder taught me... "Until You Have a Mechanism That Can Convert Lurkers......and the general public into cash sales, you have anything but a business and certainly a monthly liability that you probably are starting to not be able to afford."------------- "Franco, I "tried" that resource and "it didn't work for me"... ...what else are you doing to get leads...?"-------------You know how a dog tweaks his head to the side when they hear something weird...? Those same "not that sexy" resources work for me cause I've been consistent with them for years... have you?Most people try something once or twicewith a "half assed" attempt and quicklycry if it doesn't rain results on them......just like when they were little, they whine, pick up their marb

Have you Been Asking yourself Should I learn to ride a Motorcycle

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Have you Been Asking yourself...Should I learn to ride a Motorcycle?

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