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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Personal growth takes time - The Art of Happiness

Personal growth takes time - The Art of Happiness

Making genuine, long lasting change in your life in your life and significant progress to increase your level of happiness will take while.

The path to Personal growth requires you make significant changes in your habits.

The habits you currently have, were developed over your entire life and changing them will take knowledge, determination, and consistency in order to reach the level of personal growth you truly want to achieve.

Becoming extremely happy will not be easy if you have been sad or depressed for a long time.

However, you can have faith that YOU CAN change by fully understanding your how sadness and depression are actually habitual processes your brain has learned, and that making permanent change is simply about learning new habits, implementing them, and reinforcing the changes you have made.

Even though personal growth takes time, it is more than worth the effort if you ultimately want more happiness in your life.

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personal growth

personal growth

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What is Ingreso Cybernetico and how can it help my business?

When I first learned about Ingreso Cybernetico, I was asking the same questions!

What is it? Can it help me reach my income goals?
Will it benefit my current business? Is it all just hype like so many other new business opportunities out there? What kind of training will I have? Will I get team support? etc....

Originally, I joined Ingreso Cybernetico because my good friend Sandy was involved with it and she said I'd get to work with another very successful marketer I really respected.

To be honest, I didn't even really look at the product suite, compensation plan, company overview, or anything before I signed up!

I knew I'd get to work directly with these great leaders, and that was the most important thing to me at the time! Plus, they were hinting at a really powerful facebook marketing course I would get when I joined this specific team.

Ingreso Cybernetico: So much more than I expected!

Once I joined Ingreso Cybernetico I was surprised at all the wonderful tools available to me!  For a long time, I'd been wishing there was a company that provided all the tools you need to market a business in one tool suite.

But most of the ones I'd found were always lacking one key element or they were way to expensive to justify the monthly fee!

As soon as I logged into Ingreso Cybernetico, I could see that this tool suite was different!

It has everything you need to market a business successfully online.

  • Website hosting
  • Domain name
  • Blog
  • Autoresponder
  • Customizable Capture pages, sales pages, webinar pages, and optin pages
  • Webinar hosting platform integrated with Google Hangouts
  • Chat and Serve software for live chat agents on a website
  • app development team
  • cloud storage
  • sms/text marketing system
  • digital products
  • and more...

I saw the benefit right away for so many small business owners!

One of the things I'd been frustrated with from previous companies I'd worked with was that even though I saw the way it could benefit traditional businesses it was difficult to show them the value of the products and services because most of the time the company was targeting people wanting to start a new business.

For me, I wanted to work with local small businesses and show them how to
leverage the internet to attract new business on autopilot.

Ingreso Cybernetico's tool suite has made this so much easier!

All the tools are easy to customize, and because they are all in one place, it's simple to sell as a package deal to people who are new to marketing online.

If you've been looking for a tool suite that has all the tools you need, has a low monthly fee, and you want to earn an extra income too, Ingreso Cybernetico is the company you want to work with!

Get your tool suite today! Click here

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Samantha Studebaker-Carl

samantha studebaker-carl

P.S. Ever wished you could turn your hobbies into a paycheck?
Let me show you how the Ingreso Cybernetico tools
can help you do exactly that!  CLICK HERE

Monday, July 7, 2014

The easiest way to make money online - Turn your Passion into Profit

The easiest way to make money online - Turn your passion into profit

Continue to video #2 The easiest way to make money online Part 2 Tools you need

Have you ever dreamed to get a paycheck for doing what you love?

Most people will tell you that earning income from your hobbies is
hard.  Many people have attempted making money from their passions, but
most never really accomplish this dream.

The reason so many people fail to earn any serious income from their hobbies,
is because they don't really understand how money is made online.

Everyday, billions of dollars is exchanged between buyers and sellers online.

The easiest way to earn money online - Provide people with what they want.

All you have to do is provide buyers with want they want and they will love to buy from you.

The people who make the most money online are the ones who provide internet surfers with one or more of the 4 things people come online for...

1. Entertainment
2. Advice
3. Answers to their questions
4. Teach them something new

If you can take your hobbies or passions and share them in a way that fits into one of those 4 categories, people will absolutely love you!

They will follow you, they will 'like' you, they will share your stuff with their friends, and they will BUY from you!

The easiest way to make money online - What do you sell?

The great thing about sharing your passion is it makes it so you can sell things related to your hobbies.

If you are artistic, and you actually make things, then obviously you can sell the things you make, however, if you don't have stuff to sell....

There are many different options available to you.

Here are just a few....

1. Become an affiliate marketer and earn a commission for selling other people's products
2. Become a network marketer and sell products from an company that makes things related to your hobbies
3. Create your own "How to" Ebook and sell that.
4. (My favorite) Help other people begin earning income from their passions and sell the tools they need to make that possible.

The easiest way to make money online - Getting started

In order to earn an income online no matter how you decide to do it, you need a few key tools. Watch the next video to learn what those tools are and how you can sell them to earn income too... go here --

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the easiest way to make money online

Sunday, July 6, 2014

IngresoCybernetico saves small business thousands of dollars and makes marketing online easier!

Every business that wants to leverage the internet to grow their customer base, needs online tools!

But finding the best marketing tools for YOUR business can be tough.

ingresocyberneticoHere's an example of some of the tools every business needs to establish a brand online, showcase their products & services, attract more customers, build relationships with their target market, and make more sales.

1. website or blog
2. capture pages
3. sales pages
4. webinar pages
5. autoresponder
6. online backup
7. text/sms marketing tool
8. mobile app
9. domain name
10. Hosting

As a business marketing consultant, I've used and recommended numerous different online tools over the years.

Usually, in order to find the best tools for your business, you needed to get each tool from a different company. This was great until you tried to integrate them all to work together....

Many times you would find that the autoresponder wouldn't be compatible with the capture pages, or if they were, the capture pages wouldn't be customizable to YOUR business!

You'd be spending tons of money every month with multiple different companies, just so you'd have all the tools you need to do something as simple as integrate your e-newsletter with your sms/text marketing.

Most of the time you would have to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, monthly in order to have everything you needed to market your business online....

This wasn't cost effective and it was a hassle to keep track of all your accounts!

IngresoCybernetico to the rescue!

When I first found IngresoCybernetico, I was a little skeptical. I had seen many other tools suites that claimed to have everything a business needed to succeed online, but all the ones I found were actually created for MLMers or affiliate marketers and were generally made to promote a specific company.

That was great for those companies, but it didn't help me if I was trying to help a pet salon, auto shop, or campground establish an online presence.

None of those tool suites ever measured up to what a traditional business needed! 

Until NOW!

As soon as I purchased the IngresoCybernetico tool suite and logged into the back office, I knew this tool suite was what I'd been looking for all along!

Not only does IngresoCybernetico have all the tools ANY small business could ever want or need, all the pages are customizable!!!

When I saw what was available, I immediately began trying things out in my own marketing.

I was absolutely amazed by how EASY the tools were to use, how they all easily worked together, and how simple and quick it was to edit and personalize them!

Plus, every month, they are adding MORE tools! 

The IngresoCybernetico tool suite is everything I have been looking for and I'm saving tons of money every month by having all the tools in one place!

So now, not only do I have a great suite of tools I can recommend to all my clients, but it makes it possible for me to be able to better serve them too!

Thank you so much IngresoCybernetico!

If you want a tools suite that will work for any business, have everything you need, be customizable to your business, and be affordable too, you want IngresoCybernetico!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What is an Infopreneur?

An infopreneur is someone that turns information (your knowledge) into income! 

Becoming an infopreneur is easier than you might think!

A mentor of mine once told me, if he lost
everything... (at the time he was earning well over $250K per month)

He could make it all back within a year if he only had 3 things.

1. knowledge about something people wanted to know
2. a way to capture people's names and email addresses
3. something related to the knowledge to sell

That's it!

Now, he was a very experienced marketer, so
getting back to $250k a month would be a simple thing because
he already know's what he's doing.

But if he can do that within a year,
imagine what you can do following the
same principles...

All you need to do is begin following
the steps laid out in this video

Get the tools talked about in this video

And start sharing your knowledge with the world!

Not sure what to share with the world?

Here are a few examples:
  • Marriage Success
  • Surviving a Divorce
  • How to Raise Kids as a Single Parent
  • How to find your soulmate
  • Dating tips
  • Job Experiences
  • Hobbies - model building, knitting, painting, ceramics, woodworking, etc
  • Passions - spirituality, sports, camping, traveling, gardening, cooking
  • How to Save Money for retirement, college, or vacations
  • Investing
  • How to buy a home
  • How to balance your home budget
  • Hair or beauty tips
  • Stress Management
  • Staying in Shape
  • Homeschooling
  • And on, and on!
Hopefully, you've got some ideas popping into your head!

Stop what you're doing right now,
take out a piece of paper and begin brainstorming.

List out everything you know something about.

Now ask yourself this.

"Can I write a few articles about this topic?"
"Can I make a few videos and talk about this topic?"

If you said yes, YOU can earn income sharing your knowledge!

All you have to do is get started.

Go watch this video one more time
and then go here to get the tools you need get started!

Got Questions?

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I'd love to help you!

Samantha Studebaker-Carl

p.s. Here's an example of one of the ways I'm
sharing my passion with the world and earning an
income too!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Art of Happiness

The Art of Happiness Video Series

In this video I share some of my insights on why I began studying the book
The Art of Happiness and what I plan to be sharing with you over the course of this video series.
the art of happiness

Follow along on this journey of cultivating the art of happiness in your life.

If you have ever wondered what the secret of happiness was, you will learn it in this series.

Happiness in life starts with a full understanding of the keys to what will make you happy, and what will make you unhappy.

The Art of Happiness is a wonderful book that will shed some light on what areas of your life you may be failing to cultivate happiness and exactly what changes you need to make in order to become more happy.

Buy The Art of Happiness from Amazon by clicking this link

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