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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What is an Infopreneur?

An infopreneur is someone that turns information (your knowledge) into income! 

Becoming an infopreneur is easier than you might think!

A mentor of mine once told me, if he lost
everything... (at the time he was earning well over $250K per month)

He could make it all back within a year if he only had 3 things.

1. knowledge about something people wanted to know
2. a way to capture people's names and email addresses
3. something related to the knowledge to sell

That's it!

Now, he was a very experienced marketer, so
getting back to $250k a month would be a simple thing because
he already know's what he's doing.

But if he can do that within a year,
imagine what you can do following the
same principles...

All you need to do is begin following
the steps laid out in this video

Get the tools talked about in this video

And start sharing your knowledge with the world!

Not sure what to share with the world?

Here are a few examples:
  • Marriage Success
  • Surviving a Divorce
  • How to Raise Kids as a Single Parent
  • How to find your soulmate
  • Dating tips
  • Job Experiences
  • Hobbies - model building, knitting, painting, ceramics, woodworking, etc
  • Passions - spirituality, sports, camping, traveling, gardening, cooking
  • How to Save Money for retirement, college, or vacations
  • Investing
  • How to buy a home
  • How to balance your home budget
  • Hair or beauty tips
  • Stress Management
  • Staying in Shape
  • Homeschooling
  • And on, and on!
Hopefully, you've got some ideas popping into your head!

Stop what you're doing right now,
take out a piece of paper and begin brainstorming.

List out everything you know something about.

Now ask yourself this.

"Can I write a few articles about this topic?"
"Can I make a few videos and talk about this topic?"

If you said yes, YOU can earn income sharing your knowledge!

All you have to do is get started.

Go watch this video one more time
and then go here to get the tools you need get started!

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I'd love to help you!

Samantha Studebaker-Carl

p.s. Here's an example of one of the ways I'm
sharing my passion with the world and earning an
income too!