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Friday, May 17, 2013

Saturday Morning Mastermind 10:00am EST – Futher Use of the Will

Further Use of the WillOn this hangout we will be discussing Chapter 10 of 'The Science of Getting RichCome join us as we dig into the processes for getting rich.

Saturday Morning Mastermind 10am EST - How to Use the Will

Further Use of the Will On this hangout we'll be discussing Chapter 10 of 'The Science of Getting Rich Come join us as we dig into the processes for getting rich. In chapter 9 we covered the Chapter Use of the Will We learned that we cannot use our will outside of ourselves. In order to become rich we must not try to force or coerce other people to do what we want done. The Science of Getting Rich tells us that we don't have to try and compel things to come to us. To get rich, we only have to apply the power of the will on ourselves to keep thinking and acting in the Certain Way. The more focused we are on holding the vision of what we want, while also having faith and being grateful, the fast riches come to us. We also learned that a negative thought of doubt or unbelief will push away wealth just as fast as faith and gratefulness will bring it toward us. So the most important thing we can do if we want to get rich, is to use the power of our will to keep the vision in the fore fr

How to Make a RADICAL Financial Change Today‏

Hi! You are receiving this message because you requested info from this page on this date from this IP If you no longer wish to get information about how to make a change in your financial situation, scroll to the bottom of this message and Unsubscribe --------------------------------Radical Change? I know, I know. 'Radical' change scares most people. Almost to the point that they do nothing. Because it's uncomfortable. And very different than what they're used to. Don't believe me? Cross your arms over your chest. Then, switch them quickly so that the arm on top is now on bottom. Feels different right. Feels weird. Scares most people actually. But not serious entrepreneurs. Because they know that in order for thingsto change - THEY have to change. In order for them to get better - THEY have to get better. And this is the starting point for EVERYsuccessful person. To realize that everything you've been doingso far, has you exactly where you are. So what if y

How to Develop Persistence… CHALLENGE – Share your experiences

How to Develop Persistence.Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you felt driven? like you would do anything to accomplish a goal?Maybe you wanted to win 'employee of the month' or hit a home run in baseball, or beat your sister in chess...Or maybe you wanted to be the best pet groomer, auto mechanic, or most friendly

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