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Friday, June 7, 2013

Think Before You Speak And Act In Public

You really want to think before you speak and act when communicating with someone or your friends. If you start communicating with people better, you absolutely can start building long term relationships with them. Here are 5 ways

Your Money Is Relative? Or Absolute?

I am about to embark on a “which came first, the chicken or the egg” money debate. There is a tug of war between whether people believe money is relative or absolute. Do you think that relative income is more important than absolute income? Or vice versa?

Saturday Morning Mastermind 10am EST - Efficient Action

Saturday Mastermind - Efficient Action On this hangout we'll be discussing Chapter 12 of 'The Science of Getting Rich Come join us as we dig into the processes for getting rich. In chapter 11 we covered the Chapter Acting in the Certain Way We learned that even though thinking in the certain way will start riches moving toward us through the creative process, Acting in the certain way is what will connect us with those riches through organizing ourselves and our business in such a way that the riches have a channel through which to come. Action is necessary because you must give value to the market place in order to receive the riches you desire. When you act and think in the certain way, there is a movement of what you desire toward you and when it reaches you it will be in the hands of other people, who will ask an equivalent for them. By thought, the thing you want is brought to you, by action you receive it. Join us in as we discuss Chapter 12 Efficient Action Meet us here at 10am

Outsourcing: What Qualities Make A Good Social Media Manager For Your Business?

Quick Reminder: You are recieving this message because you requested more info on this site , from this IP , on this date , if you no longer wish to recieve this newsletter you must scroll to the bottom and click the link to Unsubscribe Good Morning!Hope you're having a wonderful day!I decided to start a series on outsourcing.The key to growing your business andhaving a life too is outsourcing!You do not have to be the person who does everything!The most wealthy people in the world use outsourcing so they can focus on the activities they love and havesomeone else do everything else! Today were going to talk about the what to look forwhen hiring a social media manager.Click here "What Qualities Make A Good Social Media Manager For Your Business?"Leave me a comment and tell me what you think...Samantha Studebaker-Carl"Your Partner in Prosperity" p.s. Did you miss this? "How a True Mastermind can set you free"

Discover your passion_in_life_and_accomplish_amazing_things

Discover your passion in life simply by surrounding yourself with other passionate people. Writer – Myra Martin The movie I watched the other evening, “The Big Year”, got me thinking of what it is like when you are around people that are on fire with passion to live their dreams… and I wanted to share with you. Three guys are into birding which is best described as extreme bird watching. The Big Year is an event where an individual will go out and find as many birds as can in a year. These guys are competing to get the highest number of bird sightings so they can win the big year birding contest. Two of the three guys are very passionate about breaking the record of the third who has won the competition before. But the thing is it was such an inspirational movie because The guys were so very passionate. They had found their life purpose, they had a dream they were going to follow against all odds. They took action. The steps that were needed to make their dream happen. It isn